Medium weight boning offers smoothing and moderate reshaping/ Boning adds strength and  structure to a corset, keeps fabric taught from top to bottom.  Boning is usually light weight spiral steel or heavy plastic.​

Plus size and full figured Bras, Shapewear and Corsets and waist trainers. A Perfect Silhouette offers Bridal under garments and lingerie. 

Bra fittings are our specialty, as we take the guess work out of styling and sizing each woman. We keep our inventory up to date, and our vendors supply us with the best quality for the right price. Plus size and full figured garments are designed to compliment your existing shape and body type. Remember, your size does not define you, only you can do that!  

Welcome to the world of FCC (Full Cup Club)  finally full cup bras that FIT. Browse through and let us show you bras  push-up bras, strapless bras, f & g & h & I  cup bras and more designed as a perfect fit for your curvy body. With our vendor selection we offer the styles, sizes with the quality you expect. Learn how to extend the life of your bras  read through our blog to get to know us and take advantage of special offering  of the Full Cup Club to extend your under-robe. Not sure what the best fit for you book an appointment for a personal bra fitting to help you get into the proper fit. Learn all about how to properly scoop and swoop to find that true size .Discover our Bridal long line bra sizes and  women’s plus size lingerie bridal collection.


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Reshaping Corsets come in various boning strength.   

Fashion Corsets offer style and soft shaping.  Usually the boning is Plastic and Natural Reed or no boning at all.  These corsets are excellent when looking for a bit of flare to your outfit and very light holding and shaping power.​