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Welcome to the world of FCC (Full Cup Club)  finally full cup bras that FIT. Browse through and let us show you bras  push-up bras, strapless bras, f & g & h & I  cup bras and more designed as a perfect fit for your curvy body. With our vendor selection we offer the styles, sizes with the quality you expect. Learn how to extend the life of your bras  read through our blog to get to know us and take advantage of special offering  of the Full Cup Club to extend your under-robe. Not sure what the best fit for you book an appointment for a personal bra fitting to help you get into the proper fit. Learn all about how to properly scoop and swoop to find that true size .Discover our Bridal long line bra sizes and  women’s plus size lingerie bridal collection.

Beautiful Lingerie and Plus Size Bras in DeKalb, IL offering smaller band and larger cups.  Plus size and Voluptuous Petite Bras are our specialties. Get fit today. Get ready to experience what a difference it makes in all your clothing. Customers they look as if they have lost 10 lbs or more. By achieving the perfect fit from the correct plus size bras or petite larger cup bra will make you take notice.

We carry full cup, plus size bras also Lingerie.  We are located in DeKalb, IL, Aurora and coming soon Downers Grove.

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