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          Meet Ms. Mary

Recently I was asked by a new friend what is the "A Perfect Silhouette" back story... which  I recalled instantly!  I opened A Perfect Silhouette purely for selfish reasons. I was tired of finding bras and underwear that did not fit my body correctly I knew I couldn't be the only woman experiencing this issue.

My hands on knowledge transfer began at A Woman's Place owned by Belinda Dust now located in Downers Grove.  A Woman"s Place have been offering services to women for over 25 years.  Specializing in bra fitting, breast prosthesis fitting as a certified breast fitter, Wigs and compression garments.  So you see I was trained by the best!  I was taught how to look for different structure and design in bras and the linings. The new found knowledge was eye opening to me.  Not to mention the variety of sizes and fit that comes along with brand and style.  One day she told me It's time you opened an intimate apparel boutique, upon this A Perfect Silhouette, Inc. was born.

A Perfect Silhouette continues to evolve staying aware of changes in fabric, styles and industry standards. Getting into the proper fit  begins with taking proper measurements and an excellent garment that is sized correctly. A Perfect Silhouette has select vendors that can supply sizes for the petite full cup woman and also for the curvy figured beyond the "D" cup!.   

Education is always the forerunner at A Perfect Silhouette, recently  receiving 2 certificates from the American Breast Care Organization breast form design, and proper fitting..Obtaining this knowledge and new skill sets to share with women recovering from breast cancer and various breast sizing concerns.

A Perfect Silhouette's goal is to make your visit one of enjoyment and enlightenment. Make an appointment with me and let's talk about... you are OK in the skin you are in! Welcome to the family.


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Ms. Mary's Full Cup Club its that time of year for great savings up to 40% off! 

The average full cup bra is between $40.00 to $85.00. 

All styles are included, Plus Size bras, Petite  Size bras, Pushup Bras, you decide.

Did you know that bra fitting should be done annually, a woman's body goes through seasons of change, so the size you wore a couple of years ago may not be true today.

Plus size bras are our specialty.  We provide you with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. A lifetime of living as a plus size women and many years of industry experience means that we know how hard it is to find elegant undergarments in plus sizes. We are constantly updating our inventory and searching for vendors to supply us with the best garments around. Our ability to provide you with these beautiful, perfectly sized garments sets us apart!