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Shirley of Hollywood Plus size Corset - Size 46

Elomi Bra - Size 38G

Elila Bra - size 34E

                                          GOT BRA TROUBLE

You are at the right place! It's all about the right garment,
You constantly adjust the back of your bra by pulling it down
Sounds familiar, your bra band is not the correct size.  When shopping for a great fit if your problem is fitting the cup, for most women they increase the band instead of the cup... try increasing you cup size and decreasing your band size.  Trust me... try it!

There must be something wrong with your shoulders... you bra strap always slides down
You may be petite or your shoulders may slant down a bit or just very narrow, choose a bra that has the strap closer together in the back like a racer strap back (where the strap comes together) or a 

         convertible strap (can be criss crossed) 
You bought the magnificent outfit it looked great on the hanger and in the ad... then you put it on... something just isn't right
Check out the seams in the garment, look for shaping (darts) are your girls above or below the placement of the shaping seams or  is the fabric  a the buttons separating where it may require (you know what) to keep it closed). It may be time to get a new foundation
You notice... is this girl larger than the other... no... can't be
Yes,  that is very possible, unless you have purchased your cleavage (and I'm not hating) the girls may be twins... just not identical.  That's ok, when shopping for the right fit choose a bra that has more lining or padding ( a molded cup makes all girls look better) no matter what size you are in.  The molded bra adds shape and smoothing.   Look for a bra with more structure

Your skin irritate more often than it used to
Your bra band may be a little too snug, or your girls are not in proper position.  You will need to tighten the straps or increase your band 

You notice  the bra cup must have gotten smaller
Usually bras don't shrink... they stretch with improper laundring and drying the fabric.  Embrace the real you stop looking at the number and concentrate on the fit.

You need to lose a quick 10 pound
Stop in to see me at A Perfect Silhouette, I have the  answer for you it's really in the garment! Or find me on Facebook  ( A Perfect Silhouette)and ask your question... someone else may have the same question..

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