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A Perfect Silhouette offers bras in various styles, bridal longline, t-shirt, molded, non-molded and maternity bras just to highlight a few.  

ONE SIZE FITS ALL...How often have you heard that!  Did you know you should get a bra fitting annually because of how our body changes?  It's time to get you in the proper fit of things make your appointment today and see the benefits of the perfect fit. 

Several styles range from E to N cup. if we don't have it in the store special orders are not a problem.  Download  "My Bra does not fit Right" Timeless tips and advice when looking for a better fit! 

Curvy Kate Scoop & Swoop

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The end of back pain. This little non-wire beauty size range is 36F to 52N and offers great support.

We got you covered! 


12/1/18, 12:12 pm
Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Selection, Wait Time
Mary was extremely professional, helpful and so well informed!! 5 stars Mary!!!! Thank you. Missy Gillis, DeKlab

11/24/18, 2:02 pm
Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Selection, Wait Time
Mary is sooooo knowledgeable and helpful. She is extremely skilled at fitting difficult to fit customers like myself. She cares that I got the right fit. I recommend a perfect silhouette to all of my friends, family, and business acquaintances. I visited her about five years ago and my bras have lasted that long! The price may be higher than another store but the quality and duration is unsurpassed! Well worth the investment! I'm so thrilled that Mary is in town. She is the ONLY one that has fit me properly and made me feel amazing. I look 100 percent better too! Thank you thank you thank you! You ARE the BEST!!!
Review - Kathryn 

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Full Cup Non-Wire

Plus Size Lingrie

Welcome to the world where finally full cup bras that FIT. Browse through and let us show you bras,  push-up brasstrapless bras e & f & g & h & I & k and more..  cup bras and more designed as a perfect fit for your curvy body. With our vendor selection, we offer the styles, sizes with the quality you expect. Learn how to extend the life of your bras read through our blog to get to know us and take advantage of a special offering of the Full Cup Club to extend your under-robe. Not sure what the best fit for you book an appointment for a personal bra fitting to help you get into the proper fit. Learn all about how to properly scoop and swoop to find that true size.Discover our Bridal long line bra sizes and  women’s plus size lingerie bridal collection