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Stop by our new shopping portal. Secure and user friendly. We are your  full and plus size bra shopping and bra fitting headquarters located in Dekalb Il. We are still adding items so check back often.

Plus Size Bras & Intimates In Dekalb

Embrace your shape and size by getting the proper bra fitting. Get away from the number and get in the Fit of things.

A Perfect Silhouette caters to the voluptuous woman 

Not to big and not too tight.....just right!
The Full Cup Club may be just what you are looking for, club includes full cup and plus size bra fitting.  We are located in Dekalb.  
 We talk about all the stuff you are afraid to do I find the right fit for my body type.  

What is my cup size,...what does the letter after the size mean to me! 

A Perfect Silhouette Story....Beautiful Lingerie, Shapewear, Full Cup and Plus Size Bras

Recently I was asked by a new friend what is the "A Perfect Silhouette" back story... which  I recalled instantly!  I opened A Perfect Silhouette purely for selfish reasons....I was tired of finding bras and underwear that did not fit my body correctly.

For years I shopped, complained then become discouraged and just settled for whatever I could find or was found for me. Even with a bra fitting the clerk would look at my frame, there was always more of the measuring tape used in getting my measurement than was left on the measuring tape.  Then the look in her eyes told me what would be brought for me to try on.  And sure enough she came back and gave me the  "DDD" bra, if you remember MC Hammer...Can't touch this"  (google if you don't know it") this left me in need of a bit more cup lets just say there was more of me outside the cup than in. 

So A Perfect Silhouette was born and I continue to research and grow my knowledge in order to offer bras that fit my amble frame and off Shaping, Size, COLOR, and sometime LACE that I can offer to other women who have settled.  I understand the fit issue for smaller frame bra band when you have a Full Bust and also full figured women. I  also found the same issues in shapewear and lingerie, now I also include in my  offering several product lines.  We just need to remember, our size does not define us, only we can do that! If you are letting the lack of or the shape of get you down make an appointment with me and lets talk about... you are ok in the skin you are in and you are enough.  MsMary

"Went in today Mary was awesome! Had beautiful bras in the larger cup sizes! No more white or beige for this girl!"  Adrienne

"I was helped by Mary....came from East Dundee..I would go here over and over again.  Thanks Mary" ...Mandy

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Your size does not define you only you can do that!